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The Educational Goals of College of Business


1.          培育國際經營視野

    To foster new perspectives of international business

2.          訓練國際企業管理知能

    To teach and equip students with the knowledge of international business management

3.          培養國際學術研究智慧

    To raise the standards of academic research in international  business

4.          養成國際多元文化倫理道德素養

    To nurture international multiculturalism and ethical literacy



The Core Competencies of College of Business


1.          國際化專業知識與創新多元思維能力

     Professional business expertise and analytical creativity

2.          企業經營環境之觀察力

     Examination of international business environment

3.          經營分析與決策科學之能力

     Experienced business analysis and scientific decision-making

4.          洞悉企業經營績效之能力

    Comprehensive insight into the reverberation of business performance

  1.    倫理道德素養與團隊合作能力

    Aptitude for ethical literacy and teamwork